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More than 40 Speakers


Complex Systems Design & Management

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management Asia and of the 12th Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CSD&M 2021

Editors: Daniel Krob, Lefei Li, Junchen Yao, Hongjun Zhang, Xinguo Zhang

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Welcoming words of the General Chairs

4th International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management Asia

Update special Covid-19: Willing to offer a safer environment and more time to inspire works & papers on global complex systems, the 4th CSD&M Asia chairs Dr. ZHANG Xinguo, Professor KROB Daniel, Mr. YAO Junchen, Mr. ZHANG Hongjun and Professor LI Lefei have decided to postpone the  Conference date from 2020 to April 2021.

Mastering complex engineered systems is a fundamental strategic challenge. Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M) conference is a widely open meeting event dedicated to academic researchers, industrial and governmental actors who are interested in complex industrial systems engineering.

The CSD&M conference was created in France and is currently organized each year in Paris since 2010 by the French non-profit organization CESAMES under the guidance & with the support of the « Complex Systems Engineering » industrial chair of Ecole Polytechnique (about 425 participants). It was then extended to the Asia-Pacific area: the Complex Systems Design & Management Asia (CSD&M Asia) conference was therefore organized each two year in Singapore since 2014 (about 450 participants, on the keynote themes: Smart Cities, Smart Nations and Smart Transportation).

Hosted by CSAA and organized by CESAMES, the 4th CSDM Asia edition will be held in Beijing by April 12-13, 2021 during two days. We sincerely thank you for the precious support and interest, and invite you to join again this academical institutional industrial meeting.

由中国航空学会与系思迈系统架构协会联合主办, 第四届国际复杂系统设计与管理亚洲会议将在中国·北京举行, 会期是2021年4月12-13日, 为期两天。我们非常感谢大家在这些年对 CSD&M Asia 的持续关注与支持!在此我们向您发出诚挚的邀请, 来参加这个聚集学术界 – 政府机关 – 工业界的盛会!

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 2-day access to the whole conference with lunches and cocktails.
 Standard fees: 6000 CNY
 Optional: additional conference dinner fees: 600 CNY
 Optional: additional proceedings fees: 750 CNY


 2-day access to the whole conference with lunches and cocktails.
 Standard fees: 5400 CNY
 Optional: additional conference dinner fees: 600 CNY
 Optional: additional proceedings fees: 750 CNY


 2-day access to the whole conference with lunches and cocktails.
 Standard fees: 2500 CNY
 Optional: additional proceedings fees: 750 CNY


CSD&M Chairs Welcoming and 1st Keynotes Plenary

Chair: GONG Minyan (CESAMES)

Welcoming by the General Co-Chairs of CSDM Asia

KROB Daniel - President of CESAMES & INCOSE Fellow

ZHANG Xinguo 张新国博士 - Distinguished Professor Tsinghua & President INCOSE Beijing

Welcoming by the Organizing Committee Chair & the Program Committee Co-Chairs

Welcoming by the Program Committee Co-Chair LI Lefei (representing the Organizing Committee Chair YAO Junchen and other PC co-chair ZHANG Hongjun)

Keynote Speech: Challenges and Opportunities for Complex Systems in a Global post-COVID-19 Society

DE WECK Olivier - Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at MIT

Keynote Speech: Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics, the Model-Based Systems Engineering Trinity

RAUZY Antoine - Professor of Reliability Systems Engineering at NTNU

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Keynote Speech: Technology, Tools and Application of System Modeling and Simulation in MBSE

ZHOU Fanli 周凡利先生 - CEO of Suzhou Tongyuan Software & Control Information Technology Co., Ltd

Keynote Speech: Global Approach to System of Systems

CHEVALIER Thierry - Head of Digital Design Manufacturing Thrust at Airbus

3 Success Stories Sponsors

  • Dassault Systèmes: “Simplifying complexity through Model Based Systems Engineering” by WU Daphne (consultant Systems Center Competency China)

  • Siemens: "iMBSE: a proposed framework for architecturing digital twin of complex systems" by Dr. FANG Zhigang (Vice President & CTO) and ZHANG QIli (iMBSE Technical Director), both from Siemens Digital Industries Software Greater China

  • PGM: "Practice of ARCADIA and Capella in Civil RADAR Design" by Mr. XU Renfei (MBSE Director)

Lunch Break

Contributed Talks I

Chair: LI Lefei (Tsinghua)

  • Talk I-1: Model-Based Product Line Engineering with Genetic Algorithms for Automated Component Selection (WU Daphne or ONG Robert)

  • Talk I-2: Supporting Automotive Cooling and HVAC Systems Design Using a SysML-Modelica Transformation Approach (FORLINGERI Marco and YAN Junjie)

  • Talk I-3: Model-Based Airplane Energy Management (ZHAN Chao)

  • Talk I-4: A parallel Verification approach for new technology application in complex radar system (WEI Yao)

Contributed Talks II

Chair: GUO Mengyu (Tsinghua)

  • Talk II-1: Non-functional attribute modeling and verification method for integrated modular avionics system (GUO Peng)

  • Talk II-2: MBSE Adoption for Cabin Temperature Control System Design of Civil Aircraft (YE Junjie)

  • Talk II-3: A Design of Commercial Aircraft Health Management Using N-F-R-P Process (CHANG Shuo)

  • Talk II-4: Aircraft-Cable Fault Location Technology Research Based on Time Domain Reflectometry (WANG Danyang)

Contributed Talks III

Chair: CHANG Chuangye (Beihang)

  • Talk III-1: IMA Dynamic Reconfiguration Modelling and Reliability Analysis of tasks based on Petri net (YE Zhiao)

  • Talk III-2: Closed-Loop Systems Engineering – Supporting Smart System Design Adaption by Integrating MBSE and IoT (DICKOPF Thomas)

  • Talk III-3: Ontology for Systems Engineering Technical Processes (CHANG Chuangye)

  • Talk III-4: An optimization method for calibrating wireline conveyance tension (JIN Can & PENG Xin)

Coffee break – Posters Session

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Contributed Talks IV

Chair: LI Lefei (Tsinghua)

  • Talk IV-1: Towards automated GUI design of display control systems based on SysML and Ontologies (SU Jin)

  • Talk IV-2: Integrated Digital MEMS Design For Movement-Control System (DUAN Chenglong)

  • Talk IV-3: A Deep Learning and Ontology Based Framework for Textual Requirements Analysis and Conceptual Model Generation (SHEN huanhuan)

  • Talk IV-4: Realizing Digital Systems Engineering (GERY Eran and YEE Victor )

Contributed Talks V

Chair: GUO Mengyu (Tsinghua)

  • Talk V-1: Boost System of Systems Modeling via UPDM: A Case Study from Air Traffic Management (SHEN Huanhuan)

  • Talk V-2: A Model-based Requirements Analysis Method for Avionics System Architecture (CHEN Cong & SHEN Jieshi)

  • Talk V-3: A Preliminary Research on Zonal Safety Analysis Method for Aircraft Complex Systems by Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (LI Tao & YE Bo)

  • Talk V-4: Model-Based System Engineering Adoption for Trade-off Analysis of Civil Helicopter Fuel Supply System Solutions (LIU Weihao)

Contributed Talks VI

Chair: CHANG Chuangye (Beihang)

  • Talk VI-1: Quality Infrastructure System in China: An Agent-based Model (NI Shiying)

  • Talk VI-2: An Overview of Complex Enterprise Systems Engineering: Evolution and Challenges (WANG Pidong)

  • Talk VI-3: Research on the method of association mapping between service architecture design and service component development (ZHAN Zhijuan)

  • Talk VI-4: A MBSE-based Development Life Cycle for Reconnaissance, Early-Warning, and Intelligence Equipment System-of-Systems (ZHENG Weiwei)

Posters Session

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Conference Dinner

Welcoming coffee

Contributed Talks VII

Chair: LIU Tong Long (Nortek)

  • Talk VII-1: Proposal of assuarance case description method in design for environment (SHIBUYA Kenichi)

  • Talk VII-2: An MBSE framework for Civil Aircraft Airborne System Development (HUANG Xing)

  • Talk VII-3: Collaborative Engineering method for More Electric Aircraft (MEA) – Tradeoffs and informed decision-making process (IMBERT Jean-Rémy)

Contributed Talks VIII

Chair: ZHANG John (Huawei)

  • Talk VIII-1: A model-based aircraft function analysis method: from operational scenarios to functions (ZHANG Yuchen)

  • Talk VIII-2: Advanced helicopter cockpit ergonomic design concepts (MU Xiaowei)

  • Talk VIII-3: A quantitative analysis Method of itemized requirement traceability for aircraft development (LIANG Dong)

Contributed Talks IX

Chair: LI Lefei (Tsinghua)

  • Talk IX-1: Design of test flight mission planning&playback verification system based on STK (CHEN Cong & SHEN Jieshi)

  • Talk IX-2: Acknowledged SoS Architecture Design based on Agent-Based Modelling (LI Lefei)

  • Talk IX-3: Research on Behavior Modeling and Simulation of Complex UAV Based on SysML State Machine Diagram (LU Yuanjie)

Coffee break

CSD&M 2nd Keynotes Plenary

Chair: GONG Minyan (CESAMES)

3 Success Stories Sponsors

  • AVIC CARERI: "Model-based design method and practice for avionics system" by Mr. GAO Lei (vice president)

  • AVIC FACRI: "Deploy system engineering methods in airborne GNC domain" by Mr. WU Fangfang (vice chief engineer)

  • IBM: “Integrated Digital Twin over Product Life-cycle” by Mr. GERY Eran (Global Industry Solutions Lead, IBM Engineering Solutions)

Keynote Speech: MBSE paradigm – Accelerating enterprise digital transformation in aerospace industry

ZHANG Wenfeng 张文丰女士 - Research Professor at the Institute of Aerospace System Engineering

Keynote Speech: Over the Horizon with Systems Engineering

LUNNEY Kerry - President of INCOSE/Country Engineering Director at THALES

Conclusion CSD&M 2021 and Announcement INCOSE Beijing Summit

Lunch break

INCOSE BeijingSummit

Chair: GUO Mengyu (Tsinghua / INCOSE Beijing)

INCOSE Beijing Summit: Essence of MBSE Transformation – System Conceptual Integrity and Layered Mapping

ZHANG Xinguo 张新国博士 - Distinguished Professor Tsinghua & President INCOSE Beijing

INCOSE Beijing Summit: Growing Smart Cities in Nature

LUI Pao Chuen 雷普权教授 - Temasek Defence Professor, National University of Singapore & INCOSE Pioneer

Coffee break

INCOSE Beijing Summit: Systems engineering at enterprise scale: a success story in the automotive industry

KROB Daniel - President of CESAMES & INCOSE Fellow

INCOSE Beijing Summit: Digital Transformation in Complex System Engineering – Mind the gaps

LANDRY Serge - Principal at Equilibrant Force & INCOSE Director Asia Oceania Sector

Conclusion INCOSE Beijing Summit and Presentation CSD&M 2022

Sinceres Thanks and Farewell to All

End of Event / See You at CSD&M 2022 in France (soon on or

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